In order to achieve the best outcome, claims professionals must have at their fingertips a team of highly qualified healthcare and service providers who understand both efficient medicine and the unique requirements of workers’ compensation. Through our history, OCCM has developed a suite of comprehensive services delivered by best-in-class specialists that encompass the care an injured worker will need throughout the spectrum of a case.


Acquisition of Diagnostics Plus

OCCM continues to reinforce its diagnostic business in the Midwest through the acquisition of Diagnostics Plus. OCCM also acquires Express Dental & Doctor, a company specializing in dental referral management and specialty physician scheduling services.


Radiology Services

OCCM extends its radiology services to Group Health TPAs.


Expansion of Products and Services

OCCM acquires Preferred Health Management (PHM) to help strengthen our diagnostic provider network and helps create our second call center, known as West Coast Operations (WCO) that most recently relocated to West Hills, CA.


Our Beginning

One Call Care Management (OCCM), formerly One Call Medical, is founded and headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey.


OCCM merges with MSC Care Management

OCCM merges with MSC Care Management, bringing together two market-leading providers of specialized services that support the Workers’ Compensation industry.Read More


Occupational Solutions (OccSol)

OCCM acquires Occupational Solutions (OccSol), another of the Company’s diagnostic imaging competitors. This acquisition becomes the foundation for bringing in new business in the Southeast and leads to our third call center, known as Southeast Operations (SEO) located in Alpharetta, GA.


Accepting Referrals

OCCM begins accepting referrals into its newly developed neurodiagnostic network.